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Independent Insurance Price Searching Services

We do not act as a broker or agent for any particular insurance company, we are here for you and only you on behalf of you. Although we cannot give you advice regarding your insurance needs, we can search the market for the best prices on your behalf as long as you provide us with accurate information and you are comfortable with your insurance needs.

We can offer you a tailored quote or renewal check service and work in strict accordance with Consumer Rights Act 2015 and Data Protection Act/GDPR 2018. On this basis you appoint and authorize us to carry out price searching to find you a quotation from whole of market using the information you have provided. We have built a reputation on finding the best rates the market has to offer. AYDIN Insurance & Technology does not make any personal recommendations as to the suitability of the policy to an individual needs or circumstances. If you are not sure about the type of insurance policy you need or require advice, this service may not be suitable for you.

We will always advise you to shop around and do your own research before making any decision. If you would like to appoint us, to work on your behalf to research the entire open market for the best prices/quotes within your specified requirements, please fill out our form located on our website. This will not only give us the necessary information but also the authority to work on your behalf to find the most competitive premiums. Our job is to save you time and money. Any price we quote you will include any remuneration we charge you. This would be clearly stated and you are not obliged to take any offers we have sourced for you, to this extent, if you choose not to accept any offers, our service is completely cost and obligation free.

If you accept any offers we have found on your behalf, you will sign an agreement between yourselves and the insurer/vender directly. Aydin insurance will be available should you wish to discuss the service in greater detail, otherwise our services to you will end. We may keep some of your information on our database for future contact and servicing needs, however the policy, its management including making changes and renewals would be your responsibility in the same way as if you had sourced the policy directly yourself. Should you wish us to be involved at renewal again you must inform us as we will have no authority to manage this on your behalf.

For Training, Compliance and Fraud prevention, calls may be recorded or monitored.

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